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phaedragypsy - I love your style, and was just mind blown watching your "shalom" speed painting video. But I was wondering if you've used India ink before and how it works? Like what is it best used for as a medium? I am brainstorming for my 3rd of 5 summer projects I have to do for school and thought I'd ask if maybe you know or have some tips (:

I have used India ink, and I like it a lot.  I do, however, find that it runs out a lot easier…this may just be the brand I used.  I like Tombow dual brush pens.  I would explore an art store, ask the staff and tell them what kind of use you want it for.  They’re usually art junkies and can steer you towards good products.  Mine actually encourages me to try products out in the store before I purchase, which I LOVE!

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